December 13, 2007

Video Gear

hese are all very Blade Runner meets Minority Report. Basically these space age shades are your very own take anywhere 50 inch movie screen. Weighing in at just 68g, ezVision Video specs plug into your iPod Video or any portable video/movie/DVD player and screens your movies in such a way that it seems as though you're looking at a huge screen. They allow you to zone out from the world around you and get right into the movie, slide show, or whatever. There are retractable headphones that are built into the arms of the specs, so you can truly plug-in and zone-out. Watch movies in bed without disturbing your better half, chill out on the train in front of a top film, or plug in in-flight and free yourself from those horrible little seat-back screens. They have an 8 hour re-chargeable battery, an integral volume control, and come with adaptors to connect to iPods (and we tried it successfully with the new Zune player too) and DVD players. When you can't get to the cinema, bring the cinema to you.


  • Video eye-wear offering a 50inch virtual screen to watch DVDs, videos from your Video iPod, TV, or games from your gaming station.
  • Resolution of 320 x 240.
  • Built-in headphones.
  • Portable and lightweight at just 68g.
  • Fit like a pair of glasses.
  • An eight hour rechargeable battery pack with volume control for the ezVision.
  • Adaptors to connect to iPods and DVD players.
  • Suitable for ages 14 years+.
  • Requires an AC wall charger.
  • Size: 16 x 6.5 x 3cm (folded).
EzVision Video eyewear EzVision Video eyewear

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