December 14, 2007

Land Rover: Concept car wit a real cool Concept

We normally don't get super excited about concept cars, but this Land Rover LRX Concept has something we're quite interested in: iPhone integration. Not only does it have a slot carved out especially for the phone that allows it to dock into the car like some sort of brushed-metal lover, it's even got a gigantic "Start" button that appears so you can (we presume) start the car! In addition to this, there's an iPod docking station on either side of the power-adjustable speakers, so you can take even more music on the go.

Now to go a little bit in detail.....
So here is the land rover. This Awesome piece of metal looks blinding. And the interiors well .... they speak for themselves. Take my word for it there is nothing else . once you are seated in the rear you'll feel like you are in a freaking star wars flick and urged to say SHIELDS UP CAPTAIN. For all the remodeling freaks out there (I am one of them). There is a wide variety of stuff you can add on to HER (the car.though it looks totally masculine i feel the real way to respect a car is to give it a dash of feminism.). The LCD dashboard gives a full real time 3D view of the car that is jus so cool. It actually takes you to a new dimension.

Well as for me I am not a very car like person ( I go for bikes - BABE MAGNETS). And concepts are not my thing but seriously the Land rover is one Hell of a car and an awesome combination of brains and beauty.

MY ratings : 8/10 ******** **

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