December 11, 2007


It is not for the gold, it is for the glory.” and this movie might reach both. Beowulf 3D is based in the first English language epic poem ever written, Beowulf. When I first saw the preview of the movie I was exited since I thought it was going to be like a mixture of 300 and The Lord of the Rings. Well the movie is nothing like either of them, nonetheless, it did not disappoint. It has everything that a good epic movie should have: A hero, Monsters, Dragons, action, adventure, even a little comedy, ah! and did I mention it is on digital 3-D. There is just one thing I have to say about this film: It is a must see in the theater.

It is 750 A.D, and Hrothgar, king of the Danes (Antony Hopkins) has built the biggest mead hall, Heorot, where he and his people drink and dance until dawn. Until one day, a hideous creature, Grendel (Crispin Glober), comes to the hall at night bother for all the noise the humans were making and kill everybody but the king. This becomes an every day event, forcing the king to close the great hall for good. He offers half of his gold to whoever kills and free's his kingdom from this monster. A great warrior from the tribe of the Geats, named Beowulf(Ray Wingston) who is brave, kind, strong and his obsession is not gold but pride and power, comes to faced this creature and the creatures Mother (Angelina Jolie). Little did he knows that he was also facing himself.

The movie is well directed. I like the new approach they took about this epic, many people who read the book might be disappointed since it does not follow it, on the other hand, this approach seems more real, makes sense and feels in the gaps that the original version has. the cast makes an excellent job portraying their character. Antony Hopkins makes terrific performance as king Hrothgar, John Malkovich impressed me as Ulfreith, and Jolie makes the perfect Monster, it is a shame she did not have more screen time. The voice of Grendal describe the monster and depicts the time, but sometimes it was hard to understand. The special effects could be disappointed for many people who thought they were going to watch real actors like in 300 and Sin City, but once you realized it is an animated movie, they are excellent, in some scenes it seems like there are the real actors, and the monsters are well depicted and defined; they have no flaw in any scene. the 3D effects are just icing on the cake, they really pull this off the audience will feel they are inside the movie along Beowulf fighting the monsters. The action scenes are energetic, realistic and exiting with the 3D effects the audience see the best angles and be on the edge of their seats. The only think that might disappoint the audience is the final scene, since it is kind of predictable.

Beowulf 3-D completely changed my perspective of this legendary epic. With a talented cast a good director and great special effects Beowulf 3D is an enjoyable, fascinating, unique and mystical experience that might innovate animated movies.

Director : Robert Zemeckis
cast : Ray Winstone,Angelina Jolie,Anthony Hopkins
My Ratings : 7 ******* ***.

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