February 20, 2008

Smorty : Get paid to Blog

Do you own a Blog ? Do you want to make money out of it ? Then the way to do it is blog advertising and the best way to do it is through Smorty. Smorty offers an opportunity for the bloggers to make the most out of their blogs and for the advertisers to get it touch with the bloggers. The interface is fairly simple and easy to navigate and with additional services such as Forums and referral programs this site is invincible. You can select the products that you which to write reviews for. This is the simplest way to get paid to blogging.
This site not only offers opportunities for bloggers but also to the the advertisers to help them spread the word around. The advertisers pay the bloggers to write and post the reviews on their blogs.
Just keep up with your word to post honest reviews.Sign up now to register your blog and you are on your way to writing reviews. Pretty simple isn't it. So get paid to blog right now at Smorty.

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|toekang.blog| said...

I see that u already make your account at smorty. But u have 2 try SponsoredReviews, more simple and easier to get a review job and get paid beside they have so many advertiser listed.
Good luck!!