November 23, 2007

XBOX- 360 Spartan

Yes you are right this is the Xbox 360. But this is no ordinary play machine. This is the limited Spartan edition of the Xbox. This is the most priced possession any High-end gamer wishes to have (those lucky *****). The Spartan edition is one of a kind piece meant to cherish. This is available in 2 fascinating colors -> Gold and Green and with the matching wireless joy-pads WELCOME TO THE GAMING DIMENSION ‘X’.

Well we know a lot about the XBOX-360. But what about its ancestors – the roots of the XBOX.

Here it is the "Big black box" that launched Microsoft into the era of console gaming. The inbuilt library functions make it indispensable to any gamer and not only that with the new addition of “XBOX LIVE” updating those out-dated games is only a click far away. Game on.

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