November 23, 2007

Goin Hybrid.

Here is the new Honda 2007 CIVIC Hybrid. This is no ordinary car, the Specialty of this car is that it has Dual engines. A gasoline and an electric engine. This means More pocket Money. More savings. More GIrlFriends. Well jokes apart this hybrid engine actually works. The secret behind all this is a motor- generator action that kicks in every time u slow the vehicle down.
Fact: your car uses up twice the amount of fuel every time you accelerate the car from a stop.
For the first 20-30 kmph speed thee hybrid uses its electric motor and later the Gasoline engine. But the advantage is that the battery is charged with the regenerative action of the motor. Everytime you apply the brakes or slow down the vehicle a considerable amount of kinetic energy is lost. This energy is then used to recharge the battery POOF: More Mileage, MOre savings.
Lets talk something from the ecosystem point of view. Due to the electric motor the emission of green house gases is minimized and the dependence on fossil fuels is reduced by far. So I include it in the eco-friendly cars list.
Out of al the available hybrid cars my pick is the new HONDA 2007 CIVIC HYBRID. With stylish exterior and the branded HONDA engine inside this is a wonder on wheels. So the next time you buy a car Insist on a hybrid

Price : $22,600 (Ex-showroom price).
Accessories : Available.
Engines : Dual.
Mileage : Anywhere between 30-45 kmpl.
My Ratings : 8/10 **********.

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