January 24, 2008

Microsoft Office 2007: Blue Edition

This is one of the most rarest of the Microsoft softwares you will ever see in the market.
As a matter of fact this particular copy will never enter into the market as this copy is solely meant for microsoft technicians and has no activation,unlock code or any sort of passwords.

This is a copy of the original disk and i urge you to download it A.S.A.P before the link is removed.And this will not be available again as his is a tchnicians only s/w and the only way you want it back is if you join the microsoft corp.

as said earlier this version also doesn’t need an activation. The installer is very simple, undetailed and handy. The interface of application is completely changed, it is modernized and practically reminds in no way to the previous versions.In a few minutes the software will be installed on your computer, without any questions or other things that slow down the installation.
Office Enterprise 2007 is the most complete Microsoft toolset provided for people who must collaborate with others and work with information efficiently, regardless of location or network status. Office Enterprise 2007 builds on the strengths of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007, adding Microsoft Office Groove 2007 and Microsoft Office OneNote 2007, enabling people to collaborate and create, manage, and use information more efficiently.


* Microsoft Office Access 2007
* Microsoft Office Excel 2007
* Microsoft Office Groove 2007
* Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007
* Microsoft Office OneNote 2007
* Microsoft Office Outlook 2007
* Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007
* Microsoft Office Publisher 2007
* Microsoft Office Word 2007

The links are rapidshare links in 6 parts and inorder for it to work download ALL 6 PARTS:

Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V
Part VI

Also Download :

The Sp1 for 2007SOffice Suite


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Cédric said...

Do someone knows a key to activate icrosoft Office Professional 2007?


Cédric said...

Soory, I really meant Microsoft Office Professional 2007...